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SilProb v4

Whenever my head hasn’t been flatlined in whatever spare time I’ve had over the last few days, and when I haven’t been playing Modern Warfare 2, which by the way is overhyped for what it is, I’ve been updating SilProb.

I’ve got a longer entry in the works on what I’ve learned about the Silhouette RPG system from doing SilProb and how that’ll help me write my own system, but until then I figured the least I could do was to let everyone know that yes, the rumors are true, as seen on CNN; I’ve updated the code.

First of all it’s a lot faster. Like, a lot faster. Secondly I’ve added various points of interest, like how much each level of skill is costing you in relation to how much you’re getting back. Cost Per Average Point Increase is in a sense an upgrade effectiveness meter, where lower is better. Also I’ve tweaked the graph to remain value consistent within each dietype, so that the comparison can be made between the various Reality Distortion Levels.

Again, if you’ve made it to this line, I have to wonder why, but I thank you for your interest…