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Some Halo 3 Pointers

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Yeah, you’d think I’d be over this whole Halo thing by now, but trust me, not a lot of other interesting things are around to grab my attention these days, so…

And therefore, I feel that it is my responsibility to let you know of a few helpful pointers, regarding Halo 3. First of all, you should definitely go ahead and play the campaign on legendary. It is at times frustrating (snipers… urgh), but you’ll enjoy the game so much more. Every encounter suddenly springs to life as something other than a bump in the road as your convoy of warthog’s pass through on your way to victory.

There are literally parts of the game I hadn’t seen before, but which I was forced into on legendary. So keep you eyes open, and you might find that the guys at Bungie left you a present or two out of sight.

Secondly, stay for the end of the credits when you do finish. The pre-credits ending is quite blah… without its post-credits counterpart that is. Having already heard teenagers whine about the campaign being a) too easy, b) too short (even on legendary… riiiiight) and c) daft, I can only surmise that they are true morons, in every since of the word.

Thirdly, it seems that moving your Xbox’s HDD from one Xbox to another flushes your ‘Recent Films’. At least I’ve now lost all my recent films several times, and I’ve been dragging my HDD with me to and from work.

Fourth, be sure to create an account on bungie.net, and share your kills and thrills with the rest of is, like I’ve done.

Fifth, for some reason you can’t create a specific kind of game on a specific kind of map and have it fill up with random people to play. No. You either play entirely random modes on random maps with (mostly) random people, or you create your own and play against invited people. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between, which is universally hated it seems, at least judging from the groaning on the chat channel when it says ‘VIP’ or ‘Bomb’.

That would be the one improvement I really want; let me create a customized game and have it fill up with the matchmaker. Or at least allow me to search for specific types of games; I for instance enjoy CTF and Team Slayer; it should be easier for me to find these games.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Remember, I’m ‘Heilemann’ on Xbox Live; chat me up.

PS: Playing on ranked servers seems to be the surefire way of getting your ass creamed, served and handed to you. I at least, was always matched up with people waaay out of my league, which was quite frustrating. Though whether this was due to poor matchmaking service or lack of players on my skill level, I don’t know.

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