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Spaced and the RSS feed

While it’s not official as such, I think this will bring much joy and hope to some people that I know very well. And as with any other time I mention Spaced: If you haven’t seen this amazing series yet, you’re a nut!

“Despite what certain national newspapers might have said, Series 2 is not the last series of Spaced. There will be a third series of Spaced – we just don’t know when.”


Mmmm, doesn’t that just warm your heart!? Kudos to Rikke for digging out this little nugget of gold.

Also, if you’re having problems with my RSS feed, could you leave a comment about it? I got word from from Tomas Jogin that it had a tendency to update all the time.

Which leads me to another little snippet. Bandwidth is being sucked at about 80 megs or so a day. With that rate I will meet the bandwidth limitation at some point next month. So I have taken the minor precaution of dropping the number of entries in the RSS feed from 10 to 5. And then I’ll see if I can’t compress some of the page elements better and see if that helps.

There is however something you can do. Something in my mind you should do regardless. Make sure you aren’t polling for RSS feed every minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes. While the RSS feed is pure text, I get a lot of hits on it every day, and by now you should know that I don’t update every minute :)