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Spam, Egg, Bacon and Spam

One of the reasons I turned off comments on this site, was because the amount of spam that managed to slip through the cracks continued to rise, despite Akismet doing its very best to stop it. And the reason for this, was that somehow, the spammers have found a way to actually post coherent comments, that make sense in the context of the entry, but which then link back to sites that are obvious spam-sites.

Here are two examples, Adida and Alan.

Both these comments almost fit into the conversation, though Adida’s is somewhat off-topic (though strangely humorous to me, as I’ve seen that particular film quite a few times when I was a kid) and Alan’s being a rehash of sorts of a few of my notes from the entry itself.

The catch of course, is that you only catch the fact that these are spammers if you pay attention to the site they link back to. Because of this, in the last half year or so of 2007, I manually went to all URLs I didn’t know, just to check if they were spammers.

I don’t intend to turn on comments again on a regular basis, but I’ve found a wonderful method of subverting these idiots.

I change the link to point to Unicef.

Because obviously I don’t want any traffic or pageranking to go to spam-sites; but why waste the opportunity to have the spammers work for good?