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Star Wars and Me, Sitting in a Tree

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to point to a few cool things I’ve been tangentially involved with in the past few months.

First up is The king of Apple talk radio on CNN’s Fortune Tech blog, which highlights episode 11 of The Talk Show (featured also in yesterday’s clip show), in which one of the subjects is my Chewie entry. Yes, I’ll take credit anywhere I can, especially if I can piggyback off of Dan’s amazing work, which accompanies me on my walks almost every day.

Secondly is Jamie’s last entry in his astounding filmumentary series on the making of Star Wars, Star Wars Begins, the result of several years of work, digging up and integrating rare interviews and behind the scenes footage from the making of Star Wars with the film itself. It’s the final installment in his trilogy, following up on Building Empire and Returning to Jedi, both in their own right well worth their time. I’m credited on it for a bit of feedback and some pocket cash I threw after him when he almost lost the entire thing to one of those “it’ll never happen to me”-harddrive crashes (because what is the internet, if not a place for obsessives to come together?).

Finally, I wrote a bit back and forth with Kirby, after his Everything is a Remix and my Chewie entry back in September. After we cheered to each others success and drank human blood to our fortune from the skulls of baby animals (don’t you judge me!), I showed him a video of my further work on the influences of Star Wars, something I’ve been working on intermittently over the last year or so, and he in turn drew inspiration from it, and focussed on Star Wars in his great second video essay, Everything is a Remix Part 2 (also be sure to check out the Kill Bill video). That was back in September, when I still thought I’d have my own project done in a matter of weeks. Months later, it’s turning out to be somewhat more… exhaustive.

The good news, is that I think I know how Lucas came upon the idea of turning Darth Vader into Luke’s dad…

Nerd out.