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The Complete Star Wars Storyboards

Click for high-res version.

Click for high-res version.

It frustrates me to no end that whenever I go hunting for Star Wars storyboards on Google Images (I do this more often than you'd think), I usually end up with links to a Flickr set which has long since been taken down. My own Flickr set that is. Long story short, Lucasfilm asked Flickr to take it down, they did so promptly, without asking, or indeed saving any of the images on there (including some images that Lucasfilm had no rights over, though that didn't stop Flickr), and I largely stopped using Flickr that very day.

All bitterness about Flickr aside, I love the old storyboards, and it looks like Lucasfilm is getting ready to put something along the lines of The Complete Star Wars Storyboards into production, which with the quality level of their recent making-of books, would be a fantastic addition to any collection