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As I said a few days ago, the Kubrick Theme is alive and well. In fact, I have in a sense been working on it throughout the weekend. So I do hope that you will forgive me the longer-than-anticipated wait, but I want to make sure that this thing is right from the get-go (I hate ‘patches’, they never propagate as far as the original.)

As you can see from the checklist, I have nailed almost all of the things that I had on my to-do list.

So as soon as I get to the bottom of the two most pertinent issues on that list, what’s left for me to do to get Kubrick out to you guys is a) cut out all the Binary Bonsai stuff from the CSS and XHTML pages, and b) decide what exactly this theme should contain.

To be quite frank, there are many many things that WordPress does ‘out of the box’, that I don’t agree with. Many of them rather small things (though I really don’t have much left over for the default design, sorry), but nonetheless. The question is if I want to put myself in the place where I bundle a bunch of plugins (or maybe just throw them all together in one super plugin) with the theme for functionality’s sake, or if I go the way of the meager and make do with what’s in the box.

“Give us an example Michael!”

I’ll give you an example then. WordPress doesn’t have any way of showing latest comments, something that I would consider a vital function on something as people oriented as a blog. I have personally lobbied long and hard to get this functionality into the core, but I guess if you want something done… be a coder. Which is fair enough.

But the point is, I don’t really know where I want to draw the line. On one hand, I don’t want to dictate to you, what you should have on your blog. But on the other, you would have chosen this theme, so aren’t you sort of asking for it?

What’s the line for themes? Should it be CSS, and that’s all, or do you – as I – think that some of the default setup that comes with WordPress is so atrocious that overrides it should be hardcoded into the theme (like the dates.)

Please use this entry to tell me what you think.