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Symphonic Hyperbole

So I’m looking at Symphony, a new CMS of sorts, and I almost choke on my own spit as I read their header. I’m sorry guys, but I’m going to have to call you on your hyperbole:

The biggest thing to hit web publishing since the keyboard

Bull. Shit.

Being a gamer, following the games industry, I’ve seen a fair amount of hyperbole (Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever anyone?), and it never did any good to anyone. I don’t mean to pound on Twentyone Degrees... but I’m going to anyway. So I went to their site, where I found this little remark:

It will have a level of support never before seen for such an application.

Listen puppies, launch the product, let it do its thing. If you rock, the rockness of you and your product will turn people in much the same way as a vile virus unleashed by a secret government project turns people into brain-craving zombies.

Anyway, I’ve thought up a few new taglines for K2:

  • The biggest thing to hit you since your abusive parents.
  • The biggest thing to hit archeological diggings since sand…!?
  • The biggest thing to hit life, the universe and everything since the rise of molecular structures.

Feel free to throw in your own ideas.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, it’s a cool name for an app. Symphony. Nice.