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The Audio Quality of Audiobooks

Why is it, that people are a-fuzzin’ and a-cussin’ over the quality of digital music, but no one says a peep about the abhorrent quality of most online audiobooks. I was just looking through my audiobook library, and all are 24 to 32kbps!

Even with fantastic narrators like Joss Ackland—who does a wonderful Heart of Darkness—all soul is sucked from their voices; and for what? To save bandwidth? Bah, humbug! It’s not as if audiobooks aren’t already insanely expensive as it is, so at least give us the quality we deserve.

Now, I could be wrong, but since I only have audiobooks from Audible and iTS (which is Audible), I’m going to go right ahead and blame Audible for not doing their job properly.

Ultimately, I end up getting stuck on most audiobooks, simply because I can’t deal with having to spend hours on end in 24kbps-land.