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The Human Story of Pixar

Michael Rubin, author of Droidmaker (a fantastic look at what is essentially the genesis of modern Hollywood) reposted the ’71 Lucas interview from last week, which reminded me of The Human Story of Pixar, a celebratory panel from 2005, in which Rubin interviews Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton, Alvy Ray Smith, Ed Catmull, some of the great minds behind Pixar and just about ever single technology that make 3D graphics as we know it, possible.

You may already have seen it, but even so, and especially if you haven’t, it is a truly inspiring hour and forty.

For following up, I suggest Droidmaker of course, this interview with Rubin on the subject of Droidmaker (though I don’t normally care for Pirillo and the on-going chat on that video shows exactly when the social web has been taken too far) as well as The Pixar Touch and The Second Coming of Steve Jobs.

Update: Since this entry went up, Michael Rubin has put up Droidmaker for free download!