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Lost Flashback Soundtrack


Being the gaming geeks that we are, the talk around the non-existing water cooler somehow always seems to boomerang back to gaming in the good-ol-days. And as these conversations go, the Amiga is often brought up, and along with it such classics as Flashback. Now if you have never played Flashback, that’s okay, you can still enjoy the music; or at least pretend to enjoy so as to not be left out.

Now, back in 1992 when Flashback was created by the French developer Delphine, computer game soundtracks wasn’t exactly something you could pick up in your local record store. In fact, it’s not until recent years that game soundtracks have started showing up in stores, and even now they aren’t exactly easy to get hold of. So imagine my surprise, when one of my work mates pulled out a plastic encased cardboard sheath with big bold letters: FLASHBACK.

That’s right, what must be one of the very first game soundtracks ever released! A piece of gaming history, in my hands… Great stuff.

Now considering that Delphine is out of business, Flashback is some 13 years old and the soundtrack CD is pretty much impossible to get a hold of, I have taken the liberty of putting them up here for your listening pleasure.

I tried searching high and low for this, but I couldn’t find a scanned cover anywhere online, so I scanned and color corrected it myself. The CD, which I might add is gold-plated, or whatever you call it, and not silvery like modern CD’s, only contains two tracks. I have ripped them both in 192 kbps MP3, making them both just over 8MB. Both the front and back covers as well as the CD itself are included inside the MP3 files, so if you have iTunes, they should show up when you select them. Remember that you can cycle through the images using the small arrows above the cover, and zoom in by clicking the cover.

A funny note is that while I believe the soundtrack proper (which I will put up as soon as I can get away with it) was composed by Raphael Gesqua, AKA Audiomonster, he isn’t credited anywhere on this release!

Flashback Music #1 and Flashback Music #2

For those of you who know how to handle the old Protracker format .mod, can download the in-game soundtrack at Mirsoft. I’m off to bed, take care.