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The Monster Squad DVD. I Dig It Man!

The Monster Squad

I tried garlic’ing Rikke after she saturday told me she had seen Monster Squad on DVD while we were in our local movie store, but that she had neglected to tell me, as I was busy talking to someone; when, as everyone knows, the right course of action would have been to stab said person right in the heart with a wooden stake, with a firm hand, over to the Monster Squad DVD and then up to the counter to pay for it (or to put dynamite down the pants of the counter-guy, depending on whether you felt like being a big spender or not…).

Yes; Monster Squad, from back when teen-movies had heart and soul, BMX’s, animatronics and a running time of 82 minutes.

I dig it man! And gosh-darnit, if I haven’t been waiting on this release for years now. Last I saw it was a couple of years ago, on a horrible 4:3 VHS-rip (which, coincidentally kind of did it justice, in much the same way it does a movie like Moon 44 justice… It’s a quality the crisp like-new feel of a DVD can’t quite capture).

It does have some nice features, even if Fred Dekker does come off as slightly bitter that this movie, and his followup Robocop 3, ended up ruining his career in movies. Wait, Robocop 3? One of the worst movies ever? Wow!

Well, if Firefly buys Joss forgiveness for Alien Resurrection, I guess Monster Squad buys Frank Dekker forgiveness for Robocop 3… Kinda.

Regardless, hat’s off to whoever pulled through and got this released, and in a 2-disc version no less! I do wish they had used the old poster art (this one not having the entire monster line-up showing though), instead of the one used. I mean the new one doesn’t have a) all the children, or even the core of them, b) Frankenstein, who is at the heart of the film or c) Creature/Gill Man, who is so awesome (well done Alec Woodruff!), but then I’m picky that way.

They just well and truly don’t make these kinds of films anymore, and I’m worried that the current generation of youngsters will grow up with nothing to look up to but Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly, and what kind of a world would that leave us with?!

Not a desirable one, let me tell ya.

So kick the wolfman in the goddamn nards, and buy this DVD!

Dig it Man!

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