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Firefox in New York Times

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So yesterday was finally the day where the full page spread made it into the largest newspaper in the World, The New York Times. Only, it wasn’t a full page spread, it was two! You can head on over and get the PDF yourself. But be warned, when I tried opening it on my Powerbook, I had to reset the machines after 10 minutes of it looking at me like it had swallowed something pointy… Oh yeah, and our company printers are still trying to spit it out, so far no luck ;)

The 2-page ad

“The Mozilla Foundation paid the reduced non-profit advocacy rate for the ad (reliable sources inform us that an advert like the Firefox one would cost under $100,000) and all the costs of the campaign were easily met by the $250,000 of contributions.” #

So where’s my name you wonder?

My Name!
My Name!

So that’s cool; being part of open source history and all. Money well spent I think, and what a brilliant idea in the first place?! And just to add a human touch to it all, despite it having been made quite clear that all names would be verified, at least one keen Dane made it past their defences:

Nikolaj Elsker Helle

It reads: ‘Nicolaj Elsker Helle’, which means ‘Nicolaj Loves Helle’. How romantic is that? I wish I’d come up with that. I wonder what else is hidden on there?

PS: Now that we’re at it, check out Jon Hick’s look at the new and old Firefox logo.