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Bachelor for a weekend

Rikke left for Aarhus today, to participate in some sort of pseudo-reunion party thing-a-ma-bobber. She’ll be gone until sunday, leaving me to my own devices.

So here’s the plan: Drink Coke. Eat fast food. Play console. Blog. Fix blog. Watch old 30’s, 50’s and 70’s science fiction movies and a documentary about Stanley Kubrick. Stay up insanely late.

God it rocks to be a geek.

So anyway, I’ll leave the comments open on this entry, feel free to fill it with whatever comes to mind over the weekend.

Update: Here’s a shot of the weekend HQ. I’ll have to turn the TV so that I can watch movies and blog at the same time, nothing less will do. So far I have lined the following movies up for a run some time tomorrow: The Day the Earth Stood Still, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Attack of the Giant Leeches and finally Ronin (the only movie I’ve seen before).

Holed up for the weekend