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The Problem With Social Networks Is...

These are things that, in this brave new world of the ‘consumer content provider’, would increase all our combined standards(s) of living(s) substantially:

  • Being able to sort out ‘HDR’ images on Flickr, like for instance this one, or this one or hey, even this one. Yes yes, it ‘can be done better’, but that’s not the point. The point is, it shouldn’t be done at all. That or a license should be required.
  • Sorting out AMV’s on YouTube. Yes, Anime Music Video’s… The idea is kinda good; the general implementation? Not so much. Don’t believe me? Try searching for “AMV Linkin Park”. That should land you about 28.000 results! Twenty Eight Thousand! (for kicks, try spelling it “linking park amv”, and see the results jump up by a few thousand… what does that tell you?) Now I love me some angsty teen hybrid rap/metal (I do, check my last.fm), and despite their latest album being largely worthless, I can see the chemistry between that and big bouncing manga tits, flying robots and swarming missiles. But enough, is enough, and really, can you call it a ‘music video’ if it’s a random serious of clips out of sync with the music?.
  • Sorting out ‘fan trailers’ on YouTube. Yes, it would seem YouTube has become the defacto hang-around for teens with all too much time on their hands. A quick search on YouTube digs up a cool 20.000 fan trailers=, as it would happen, I did a quick survey, and out of those 20.000 fan trailers, 19.998 are actively dangerous for the human mind to observe… Scary stuff.

Yes, I could add ‘–amv –“fan trailer” –hdr’ to all my searches online, but what I’m talking about here is much larger than that. We are on the brink of a global catastrophe, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m talking about an international effort, through the UN even, to finally get to the root of this problem. Forget about M- or AO-rated games, this is serious business, because this isn’t just corrupting the youth of today (as if the youth hasn’t always managed to corrupt itself; it’s called ‘evolution’), this is actively wasting everyone’s time. And surely, that must be worth getting to the root of.

A funny sidenote is, and you can try this at home, if you change the sorting of the search results on YouTube, you’ll see that the number of results change. The default is ‘sort by relevance’, which gives us the 28.000 Linkin Park AMV’s. Now try sorting by ‘date added’... It drops to 15.100!... How can there by nearly twice the number of videos under ‘relevance’ as there is when sorted by date?! What in the hell is going on at YouTube? (scrape here for answer)

Regardless, I hope the world has heard my plea, otherwise I’ll have to resort to a little thing I like to call intensive carpet bombing, with extreme prejudice.

Have a good day.