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The Scourge of the Pull-Up Window

Bjørn and Chloë‘s wedding was a truly fantastic day in the arms of friends and friends of friends, regrettable only for lasting a mere single day, not nearly enough under such circumstances.

Now, coming back from the mid-lands, we’ve stopped in London for the weekend, figuring it would be a waste to not lay down our hard-earned cash here, when we passed so close by. As it happens, I’m typing this on my brand-new 13” MacBook Pro, which marked a good ending to a great first day.

It’s been about a decade since we were last here, and to be honest it doesn’t stand particularly clear in either of our memories, which has made our visit that much more enjoyable, as we’ve already come to fall in love with this city (as we do with all the major cities we visit… With the exception of Rome. Sorry Romans).

To this day however, there are things that boggle the mind about England. First of all, what’s with the windows? Here we are, seventh floor of the otherwise very nice Hotel Russel, wonderful room, approaching what one might term Scandinavian in its design choices, and then the windows… I believe a large part of the US actually have the same twisted concept of windows; the kind you unlatch and then pull up?

Not only do they almost always require the strength of a well-built man to open (I struggle), but to counter that horrible design flaw, they’re about as air-tight closed as they are open. And not being air-tight, you’re right to question their sound-proofing; because there is none.

And this isn’t merely an issue restricted to the posh Hotel Russel, the otherwise fantastic Westfields Private Hotel we stayed at near Endon had the exact same windows (though with a second, newer layer of glass over it). It’s as if this country hasn’t figure out that windows serve purposes other than stopping the major elements from rushing in and killing people; that there are in fact some ‘subtlety’ to be ironed out of their 16th-century design.

To think of the heating cost and noise pollution a building the size of Hotel Russel could abolish, were they as meticulous with their windows as they (or their predecessors) have been with their marble-covered lobby.

If nothing else, it would save us from having to use ear plugs to sleep…