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This is Halloween

2 years ago, in Scotland, I slacked off celebrating Halloween because I felt it stupid to ‘celebrate’ an American tradition in a non-American country… Oh how arrogant and stupid I was.

Halloween is obviously Irish to begin with anyway, and all in all a fairly non-commercial tradition (at least from where I’m sitting)... And add to that, the fact that it’s all one big excuse for carving pumpkins and watching horror movies… Well, what’s not to like I ask?

The last couple of days, I’ve had to defend the cobwebs and spiders in my office (bought at the local BR, a toy chain) to people who felt it stupid to ‘celebrate’ an American tradition in a non-American country (spurred helpfully along by the animosity felt towards Bush’s US, that’s pervasive in Denmark, and I suppose Europe at large).

Either way, my point being, that I like Halloween. And I wish I hadn’t had to spend every evening over the last week at work, so that I might’ve spent an evening with Rikke, carving pumpkins and watching horror movies. Alas.

Yesterday I came in to work fairly early, worked until 5 o’clock when a Halloween party of sorts was kicked off, went up and got a glass of punch, got ever so slightly tipsy, and went down to continue working (fuelled by ear-drum-wavering NiN) and finally wrapped it up when it was thoroughly dark and rainy outside.

Today I’m off to help with a move, attend a Halloween party with one of Rikke’s colleagues and then tomorrow I’ll be at it again down at work.

Not that I regret it, it’s a great feeling to be making serious progress. But last year I sort of promised myself that I would spend a little more time enjoying Halloween this time around, yet I haven’t had the time, nor will I get it… Too bad as well, since I had plans for dressing up the site and everything, even threw in a few hours last weekend. I suppose it’ll have to wait for next year :)

Such are the woes of fulltime employment.

But this Halloween shall not go entirely uncelebrated, and if nothing else I can dole out some atmosphere, through the use of entirely copyrighted material.

Finally, I’ll probably not be posting any entries between now and when I finalize 4. Have a grueling and bloody Halloween!