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Trailer for Blade Runner Final Cut

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, here is the trailer for the final cut of Blade Runner, coming out in October. Warner Brothers, in their infinite wisdom, apparently don’t quite understand the concept of a trailer, and have decided to do their best to deny people access to it. Go figure.

Not bad, a bit jarring with the ‘hey, we can do After Effects text animation’ stuff going on. I’m still not convinced it needs new footage injected, but then I’m naturally skeptic when it comes to Blade Runner.

PS: The music in there is Death is the Road to Awe from The Fountain, by Clint Mansell, and it is the most heartbreaking, tear-wrenching, uplifting, spiritual piece of score in ages.

That said, one has to wonder why you would use someone else’s score for your trailer, when Vangelis’ Blade Runner score is one of the best and original scores ever written? Especially considering how over-used Requiem for a Dream’s score has been in trailers since The Two Towers first hit; and while I love this, there is some semblance. Has Clint Mansell become the grand-choir-track of today?