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The quality is unbelievably poor, the image shaky and the sound crap. And to be honest, I’m so tired of sequels and remakes that I could just throw up.

But alright; yeah, it gave me the chills.

The real problem they’re facing, is: Can they make the story as wha’-huh-saywhatnow-ish as the first film?

In other news, I’m home from a weeks vacationing in the idyllic sea-side town of Sæby, with Rikke tailing me by a few days, which of course means we’re dealing with a Condition 3, Grade A, fully-fledged, evacuation-worthy Bachelor Weekend.

I’s gonna watch me some science fiction, get some writing done and play with my new 2.0 iPhone. Oh yeah.

I’ve got some followup-esque entries I’m looking forward to publishing cooking, but in the meantime, I’m going to leave the comment open on this entry, for you to shoot this breeze, drop cool links or discuss just how awesome Tron 2 is going be, or how awesome the Tron 1 DVD was.

Did I mention I awoke at 4am this morning and, finding that I couldn’t sleep any more, spent two hours at the beach, taking sunrise photos? Did I also mention that because of that, the 6-hour train-ride back to Copenhagen nearly got the best of me? Did I mention either of those two things?