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Trimming the Bonsai

I would like to take a moment to just point out that I have improved a few things here at the big B.

  • I have finally fixed the way you access the archives. Have a look at the time and date information for each of the entries. All date and time elements are now links that point to a place in the archives. Clicking the month for instance, will take you to the archive for that month. There are still some adjustments to be made, but overall I think it works fairly well.
  • I moved the meta data section on the sidebar down to a new footer. It doesn’t work on the gallery pages yet, but then again, what’s new?
  • I’ve updated the about page with various new tid-bits.
  • I have cleaned up significant portions of my CSS, making it much easier for me to work with, though there’s a long way to go still. I’m hoping to merge my own CSS with that of the Kubrick template. Hopefully this week. I have gotten all your mails, don’t fret, I will send it to you as soon as there’s a new version to test.
  • I have removed all the proprietary Mozilla CSS (the rounded corners). They were nice, but I want to set an example by moving away from proprietary code and staying on the straight and narrow standards path.
  • I have switched a few form buttons from their styled form back to an unstyled form. I think that’s the way to go in terms of usability.
  • I’ve added a contact form on the about page, and removed the other contact information. Following one of Dunstan’s new redesign ‘gimmicks’, your comment info will carry on over to the contact form. So if you’ve commented on the blog, you won’t have to worry about name and email info.
  • The server is now catching 404 Not Found errors and redirecting them to a specific Binary Bonsai-styled page, that hopefully will help any people who get lost in the tangled wines of the web… Try it out.
  • Added a small triangle in the header navigation, that shows you what part of the site you are currently in.
  • I have changed a great deal of the internal structure and composition of the pages, allowing me to be much more precise in my CSS, which in turn allows me to for instance show you which part of the site you’re in, with a small triangle in the navigation. Entirely in CSS.
  • The comments section is now much more intelligent, regarding whether there are any trackbacks (if there aren’t, why should you have to see redundant text?) or whether comments are turned off (and if they are, it’ll check to see if there are any comments, if not, it’ll just show a discrete “comments are off”). Also, I have cleaned up the comments section to make it easier to absorb the needed information.
  • Hopefully you will never again see a simple “Information not present” message, but rather the 404 page, which is now also integrated into the blog itself.
  • The Master Blog Archive is now operational, though I am waiting for a code snippet that’ll allow me to only show the current and last months.
  • There are now only 2 main sizes for bread-text and two header sizes. This makes it infinitly easier for me to control the layout

Now, if only WordPress allowed me to delete a category and have all the entries in that category be moved to another category of choice, then maybe I could clean up the category mess.