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Upgrading from b2 to WordPress .7

Today I updated from b2, which was the blog software I used, to WordPress, a fork of b2. Once the 0.7 update is ready (I’m currently using the beta 2) it will officially take over the where b2 left off.

Aside from a much nicer backend (kept in nice greys and whites), it has a variety of small updates that has little or no bearing how most people will see the site, but it should make things easier for me, and if nothing else more satisfying.

The update was easy, and Allusion who heads up the WordPress development has been instrumental in me wanting to try this baby out.
Of the new updates, Textile (link is down temporarily at time of writing, but this is up) has been implemented. What this basically is, is a very basic markup language which does away with HTML and adds a few finesse touches along the way, such as for instance “curly quotes” and conversion of certain text elements like dashes and such to their HTML equivalent.

Other than that, the change from b2 to WordPress of course has the added benefit of tidying up my somewhat messy structure of experimentations gone wrong :) Call me a geek, but I sleep better at night knowing that ‘my’ code is tight.

I’m now going to dig up the ‘last comments’ hack and re-implement that.