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In December 1998, after I had finished my 10 months of service in the Danish army, I started digging into level design again. Something I hadn’t been able to find any time for during most of ’98. This led to me joining up with a group of guys in the early winter months of ’99. The project: to do a Total Conversion for Half-Life, based on the Aliens franchise.

My experience was limited, but then again that’s the way it is with 99.5% of the people doing Total Conversions.

In February – I think – the then current lead of the project (KiddieGrinder), who had taken over from when the project was being made for the Unreal engine, decided that enough was enough and took his departure. Eager to show what I was capable of, I lobbied for the position of lead, and I guess no one else wanted it…

In an effort to pick up the loose ends and give people a center of information to turn to, I went about creating an internal site. To my knowledge, no one but the core developers (which almost makes us sound cool and in command, which I’m afraid most of us weren’t) have ever seen this little nostalgic gem.

Interesting to note, is Chris Ashton’s work. He did textures mostly (mostly), and they remain to this day some of the best textures I have ever had the pleasure of working with, including my own. I’m finally now reaching the level that Chris was at 5 years ago. Chris – in case you were wondering – went on to do work on Counterstrike (Which is why you will find some of the textures for Infestation recognizable. It’s because they were originally made for Infestation!), got hired by Valve and then worked as the only artist on their excellent Quake TC.

He doesn’t know it, but I’ve learned more from his textures than pretty much anywhere else. Incidentally, he also spent a little time freelancing for Crytek, way back before Far Cry, but like me didn’t take it anywhere due to their absolute lack of organization.

Anyway. The reason I’m mentioning all of this, is because I was reading Eric’s entry about Project: Otazuno, and got to thinking that maybe I still had the old USCM files lying around somewhere. Lo and behold, I did. Even though the odds of any file surviving for more than a year, up to me purchasing this Powerbook and finally getting my shit together with backups, were slim to none.

So as a taster of the soon-to-open USCM: Infestation nostalgia archive, I semi-proudly present theThe USCM Internal Development Website. It has to my knowledge never been viewed by anyone outside the team, and it has been left largely untouched for 5 years. I have removed a piece of browser-detecting code that refused you access if you were using IE, that’s it.

And as a bonus, you also get to have a look at the external Infestation site! Unfortunately this version does not include the kind cease and desist from 20th Century Foxed.

There’s more to come.