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VETO/Spleen United

Rikke and I were at the VETO/Spleen United double-whammy concert yesterday here in Copenhagen, and it kicked some major ass. Probably in fact, the best concert I’ve been at in… ever. I don’t think I’ve seen a crowd that worked up since Metallica (and that was 50.000 people, so… quite an accomplishment for little ol’ K.B. Hallen).

VETO/Spleen United

Anyway, I need to spread the gospel, so here are some videos for you to kick off your friday with:

VETO – We Are Not Your Friends

VETO – You Say Yes, I Say Yes

Spleen United – Suburbia

Spleen United – My Jungle Heart

The Spleen United YouTube Channel, their official site and Veto on Myspace (and Supertroels’ site) and their official site.

Have a good weekend.