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White Boba Fett on Video

White Boba Fett

No, this isn’t turning into a Star Wars blog, but there’s some sort of odd nexus going on right now, where unseen footage keeps popping up all over the place at such a rate that it’s hard to keep up.

StarWars.com has previously written about the all-white proto-fett, but today went ahead and posted parts of the 20-minute never-before-seen footage of Ben Burtt, Norman Reynolds and Duwayne Dunham showing off a prototype, all-white, Boba Fett costume. It’s awesome.

PS: Duwayne Dunham isn’t as well-known as Ben Burtt or Norman Reynolds, but it just so happens that I’ve been re-reading Droidmaker, as a sort of research for our roadtrip, and just yesterday, I came across Duwayne on page 82.