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Welcome WordPress 2.1

A big congratulations to Matt and company with the release of WordPress 2.1. I’m uploading it to the site as I’m writing this.

K2 is right behind it, and will see a new release as soon as humanly possible. I’m extremely busy this week, but I’ll see if I can’t slot it in somewhere later today so you have something new and shiny to play with.

WordPress 2.1 actually contains a couple of things that are of interest to K2, such as the inclusion of the Prototype and Scriptaculous javascript libraries directly in the core. And while it doesn’t look like WP gzip’s its JS libraries, it nonetheless is great for us to be able to rely on WP’s inclusion of those libraries, rather than shipping them with K2.

Also there is some interesting new header stuff, which should also make for some new niceties.

Today also sees the release of the 2.0 version of Akismet, a plugin that has done more for the world of blogging than any other plugin.