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Where Were We?

Even though I intended to blog some more over the holidays, I instead spent most of the time glued to the computer working in various capacities on K2.

I feel I squandered the trust of the community, by having been too casual about K2 in the past. K2 has been first with a whole bunch of features and functionality, we had a rather large and very active community and a solid codebase, yet mostly due to me having other priorities it’s atrophied somewhat.

The good news is that we put out our 1.0 and subsequently our 1.0.2 over the holidays.

And the great news is we’re already up to having nine languagesDanish, german, spanish, latvian, norwegian, dutch, polish, swedish and turkish, with a russian translation on the way. We’re still looking for more, so if you’re interested, read this and give me a shout. in our new localization repository which puts us well on our way towards the 1.1 release which is of course geared towards localization. We’ve got some pretty cool ideas in the pipeline for the roadmap after that, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, it’s been a while since I did any web design of significance, and I think I’d forgotten a little bit how fun it is (as long as Internet Explorer isn’t invited to the party that is). This has also meant getting reacquainted with the tools of the trade, old and new, and where I used to use TextMate for pretty much everything, I tried switching to Coda (I had a license, even though I’d hardly ever used it), and I’m now a full convert. Those Panic guys know a thing or two about software.

Cinch is another little app that’s been making my life a lot easier, especially since Chrome for OS X still doesn’t have the same functionality that the Windows version has had for a year or more, and since Apple refuses to acknowledge the need for a maximize button.

Now if only I could find a great app for resizing windows in a sane manner.