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Wired's Star Wars Tribute


Wired has a great celebratory image series called ‘The Making of Star Wars’, which are from an upcoming book called just that. It even has a few images I haven’t even seen before, which is quite something.

Though strictly (and geekily) speaking, despite what slide #4 Lucas didn’t necessarily decide to make Leia Luke’s twin in the third draft of Star Wars. In fact, there are no indications of the familiar relationships between Luke, Leia and Vader at all in the first Star Wars movie, nor, to my knowledge, in the script (or any of its drafts).

All this is of course in celebration of Star Wars’ 30th anniversary, coming up mid-may.

PS: If you want to buy me a copy of the book, perhaps for my birthday on the 30th or in appreciation of the rather massive Star Wars flickr set I’ve got going, it’s on my Amazon wishlist :) — Kidding of course… Unless you’re gonna do it :D