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WordPress 1.5 Released

I talked briefly to Matt yesterday about kubrick two, where he mentioned that WordPress 1.5 would be going on within a day. And lo and behold, despite the lack of an official announcement on the devblog, you can now serve yourself to one slice of premium blogging solution over at the WordPress Download page.

This of course also means that WordPress now ships with a brandnew template, namely Kubrick. There is one minor thing that I wish I had had the time to fix: this version of Kubrick doesn’t welcome returning commenters, only people who have logged in… But such are the losses of a secretive scheduling.

I have however made enough headway into kubrick two, for it to see release probably before the week ends.

Congratulations to the team, great job guys and gals; Binary Bonsai is now a fully armed and operational 1.5 blog. Ph34r m3!