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Writers on Strike

The writers came out of that meeting like Rocky Balboa — eating lightning and crapping thunder. After weeks of speculation and rhetoric, this was it. Writers formed their legions, shields covering them from shoulder to ankle, imagining the producers as Persia’s most elite warriors doomed to build a corpse wall outside Thermopylae. #

You go girl! Oh, and some insight on behalf of Lost:

From all appearances, Lost may have the best advantage of all series, given that it has been stockpiling new scripts since June and not a single episode has yet aired. At this point, 14 of 16 episodes have been written. And if the strike does last long enough to really affect other series, Lost could very well be the only quality scripted dramas on television in February (along with perhaps 24, though it’s far more behind in its scripts due to a major overhaul of location and storyline). #

And finally a word from John August:

I’m contracted on two scripts right now, but they’ll be sitting unopened in their folders until the strike is resolved. I have a deal to write a spec for Fox, but that will also have to wait. Pencils down means pencils down. I’m not writing any features or television until there’s a contract. #