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X-Men 3 and Da Vinci

Hold on tight as we launch into one-sentence movie reviews for people who are too busy to ponder the details of things:

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Brett Ratner is certainly no Brian Singer, but The Last Stand does manage not only to stay in the style of the first two movies, but also close up most of the lingering storylines in a fairly satisfactory way, as well as provide you with some ‘dude, awesome!’ moments along the way, many of which are actually lit tremendously well, despite the fact that it seems like either money or time was a factor as there are some minor effects here and there that could have used a bit more love, but hey the goddamn Golden Gate bridge gets lifted by Magneto, so I guess that makes up for the neutering of Wolverine and the offing of several of the major characters.

Thumbs Up and a well-earned opening day.

The Da Vinci Code

Literally ‘by the book’ in the most stiff and uninteresting manner possible, which is a shame, as I’d heard that Dan Brown had received an offer to turn it into a 24-like TV-series, which in my humble opinion would have been a much more interesting move.

Thumbs Down.

Both had Ian McKellen, and he steals all the attention from everyone. Also,