Danish Dynamite

Kubrick for WordPress


After messing with BBS's I wrote my first line of HTML ca. 1996 which led me to a scattering of smaller web design jobs.

During my university years in Scotland, before my 9-to-5 became game development, I longed to push the web beyond what anyone was doing with it at the time.

I rode the surging wave of blogging in the early 2000s and was lucky to find some interesting hobby projects where I could mix design with code, all of which eventually led me to Squarespace.

By some stroke of fortune this open source theme made for WordPress 1.2 may be the most widely used template ever designed, having been in used by millions of sites and ported to over thirty completely different platforms.

In 2006 Automattic made it the default template with WordPress 1.5, a distinction it kept until 2010 when it was finally retired.

Huffington Post interviewed me in 2010 about Kubrick and its role in the world of blogging.

I worked on Kubrick from 2004 to 2006, it's archived on Github.