2004 – 2006

Initially developed for WordPress 1.2, this open source theme is possibly the most popular website template ever designed, having been used by several million sites, and ported to well over thirty completely different platforms. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, made it the default template for with version 1.5 in 2006, a position it kept until 2010. The Huffington Post interviewed me in 2010 about Kubrick and its role in the world of blogging.


2006 – 2010

Designed as a replacement for the Kubrick theme, K2 was the first theme framework for WordPress, and introduced several new concepts, including a settings page for themes (since adopted as a feature by WordPress), a dynamic archive system, making it much faster to search blog archives, as well as integrating the Humane Messages system, and a complete widget-field-builder (for sidebars, headers and footers), a concept since adopted by WordPress.