Danish Dynamite


With Squarespace 6 we wanted to free users from the shackles of the textarea, so as to enable them to create beautiful websites with modern layouts in a way that was elegant and truthful to how the underlying web technologies really work. To achieve this I designed and built a prototype of what I ended up calling LayoutEngine.

It shipped with the Squarespace 6 platform launch as the primary content component for pages and blog posts, and was later adopted by products when we added Squarespace Commerce to the platform. Here's what it looked like in Squarespace 6, ca. 2012.

I headed up the effort to re-build it ground up as LayoutEngine 2 in 2013, re-architecting the codebase and making it touch-friendly, which now powers Squarespace 7 as well as our iOS and Android Blog apps.

For giggles, here's my prototype from the summer of 2011.