Danish Dynamite

Squarespace 7

Late 2014

Squarespace 7 was introduced on October 7, 2014. It was a complete overhaul of our platform UI; the realization of work I had begun over two years earlier.

Wired called it a UX Dream and featured it as one of the 27 most inspiring designs of 2014, and it was nominated in the Web Services & Applications category for the 2015 Webby Awards (one of two nominations for Squarespace).

The project began when I came up with the idea of merging the front and backend of the Squarespace Content Management System. I led technical research to uncover its feasibility, iterated over design solutions and socialized the idea, until finally its time had come.

When development began I acted as project manager while leading the creation and implementation of the new design language. I worked closely with front-end engineering in its implementation, and designed the LESS-based style system as a reflection of the new design language.

Squarespace 7 was the riskiest project undertaken since Squarespace 6, but rolled out so effortlessly that we cut its rollout time from three months to ten days.

Today as the Director of Product Design I have the privilege of leading our world-class design team and working closely with our product org to make the best online publishing tools in the world.

Watch the launch ad, or read more about LayoutEngine or Device View.